TTIP – The death of democracy?


TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, will be a huge threat for democracy. It will be illegal for governments to set up new laws which are against one of its measures. We, as democratic populations, won’t be able to make our own decisions anymore. It seems that most people don’t care about it, probably because most people don’t know about it. Just have a look at this interesting documentary in German and make up your own mind:

YouTube: Wie TTIP unseren Alltag verändern wird

The environment inside of us- Gut bacteria predict the onset of asthma in children

The flora in the gut, the microbiota, is currently under heavy investigation. Studies reveal associations between lifestyle, food and socio-economic status and the structure of our „old friend“. In this study published in SCIENCE Translational Medicine, gut bacteria predicted the onset of asthma in children and strikingly, a mixture of probiotic strains could reduce asthma inflammation in mice. The scientists believe that the future of medical treatment could be finding children at risk and treating the altered microbiota. This study shows again how our environment influences health and disease and shapes and new perspective of human interconnectedness in this world.

See how Algae can create clouds- Interconnections of organic material effects basic climate patterns

The formation of clouds is a crucial necessity of maintaining a normal climate balance. The amount of ice in the clouds is influencing cloud lifetime, radiative properties and precipitation. This study published in NATURE shows how exsudates of the Algae Thalassiosira pseudonana effects the formation of ice-nucleating particles and therefore interacts with the formation of clouds. The link between the microbial environment in the sea and the ability of clouds to produce rain shows how interconnections in nature can be more complex than anticipated. One doesn`t have to be a specialist to understand what happens if this microbial community in the sea disappears…